Saturday, 16 April 2016

Do’s While Waiting for a Towing Service – Calgary Towing Tips

There can be numerous reasons you can need a towing – breakdown of car engine, car accidents, flat tire. These things are inevitable and can happen any day and at anytime. The best way to cope with these situations is to have knowledge and contact information of CalgaryTowing Services.  Next, is what you should follow or do when you are in such situations:

  • Get yourself and the vehicle free from the traffic: If possible try to park the car on the side of the road so that your car can be easily towed by the driver. As well as this will also safe you from any accident.
  • Hazard Lights: Turning on the Hazard Lights will indicate others that the car is disabled and it will help the towing driver to find you easily.
  • Make use of reflective triangles & Flares: With hazard lights one should also use reflective triangles and flares to indicate about your car.
  • Organize Belongings: Ensure that all the valuable items – your car’s insurance papers, etc. are organized and all at one place so that you can easily carry them once towing arrives.
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